Zachary Schmidt (Founder)

Growing up in Bali, Indonesia it was difficult not to become consumed by the beauty and wonder that the ocean has to offer with its incredible beaches, surf breaks and dive sites. I spent most of my younger years in the ocean whether it was a morning surf, afternoon dive or just a fun shore break session with the boys.

I moved to Queensland, Australia at the start of 2020 to begin my journey at James Cook University studying Marine Biology. This opened up an entire new world that I was completely unaware of! The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park reshaped my love and passion for our oceans.

Mady Hughes (Artist)

Originally from Sydney, I moved to Townsville to study a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at James Cook University in 2019. Passionate about wildlife and conservation, studying close to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree rainforest was a dream for me!

As a newbie to spearfishing, my fish paintings began several months ago in an attempt to learn species ID. In each painting, I strive to capture the essence that can’t be appreciated from a photo, to engage the audience with art that forges a deeper appreciation for our reefs and natural heritage. They are my glimpse into the incredible biodiversity I’ve encountered while diving, I hope you find joy in them as much as I did in bringing them to life 🐟